5 Steps to Turn Your Broadcast into OSAI Mixed Reality Experience

A guide to turning live streaming of your sports event into a Mixed Reality experience powered by OSAI.

5 Steps to Turn Your Broadcast into OSAI Mixed Reality Experience
OSAI real-time Mixed Reality & virtual production for sports

Mixed reality broadcasts are one of the hottest topics in sports media. With most of the studio works going virtual and with remote production being the norm in the post COVID world, sports media is heavily investing in content quality. It ranges from new angles to insights to behind the curtain, all preferably without increasing the production crew size or, even, being present in the arena.

In these circumstances, mixed reality production fits the bill perfectly. It enhances the broadcast quality, wow the viewers, and give them something to share. And it can all be done remotely, stepping virtual production in sports broadcast outside of the green screen studio environment.

So how do you go about implementing real-time Mixed reality for your next event? With OSAI it’s a simple 5 step process and our team is always there to assist you throughout the process.

Step 1. Set Objectives and timeframes

Every process always starts with objectives. This is purely an internal step, but we highly recommend not skipping it. Detail your current situation, viewership numbers, growth and retention rates, sponsorship broadcast revenues, etc. You don’t have to share this with us, although if you choose to it will really help to tailor OSAI technology to your needs.

Once the scene is set, imagine where you want to be in 1–5 years’ time. It’s good to be ambitious here, but also realistic. Setting unreachable goals isn’t very helpful both from strategy and team morale perspectives.

It’s a good idea to start long and medium-term and move back, setting up short-term objectives. Long-term goals don’t have to be very specific, it’s ok to use wide ranges of numbers. The shorter the term you are planning for, the more specific and precise you can be.

This is a tricky balance to strike: technologies like Mixed Reality have a long-term generational impact on your fan engagement models. It is hard to envision what the world is going to be like, let alone measure things in the 25+ years timeframes. Sketch out a vision, but pin down numbers for 5 years or under — timeframes that you can actually plan for.

Step 2: Get in touch with OSAI

Contact OSAI real-time Mixed Reality

Once you know where you are and where you want to be, you can get going. Your vision is likely to include several growth points and require a cross-department collaboration. Sports media is no longer confined to the broadcast, it is a much wider network covering everything from athlete performance to content distribution.

The OSAI team is here to walk you through the entire process. We understand the needs of different departments and help you to deliver value to all your stakeholders. In this stage, we’ll sketch out a strategy and map how your organization can benefit from applied innovation. Unlike many other technology providers, we are very open to collaboration and experiments to find a future-proof strategy. This is important, as working with OSAI gives you creative freedom and flexibility that are much needed in a constantly evolving sports media space.

We will ask you some technical questions here, to understand how OSAI tech can be seamlessly integrated. For example, Do you already have a broadcast in place or you are starting out? Do you have the internet and power in your arena? Are you interested in High-Performance data? The more you can share with us, the better OSAI technology will fit your fan engagement, commercial and performance strategies.

Step 3: Creative brief for Mixed Reality experience

Turning your broadcast into a Mixed Reality experience is a straightforward process when you choose OSAI. A creative brief is the description of the look-n-feel of your sports content. Here we want to learn about your expectations, your brand, and your audience. You may already have some ideas. Or you may just want to try something new and see where it goes. The OSAI team is here to give you exactly what you need and a little more.

In this step, we will ask you about your brand, values, and design preferences. If you have anything to share, like a brand book, that’s perfect. But don’t worry if you don’t — our team of designers will take care of everything.

We will work together on the overall creative brief first. That is an overview of the look & feel of your broadcast experiences. This includes what are the main Mixed reality content you want and a design process to make it aligned with the rest of your strategy. We then split into shorter briefs for every event or every sponsor you plan to activate with Mixed Reality. The OSAI team will advise you on what’s possible within your timeframe and budget, as well as assist with creative work where needed.

Step 4: Approvals & Virtual Production planning

This is your time to sit back and relax. The OSAI team will design the viewing experience with Mixed Reality animations. We do this using all the information you’ve shared with us, tailoring it to your audience and stakeholders. Depending on the timeframe and complexity of the creative brief, this step takes from 5 days to 3 weeks to get all the samples ready for approval.

You have complete control at all times. You can choose whether you want to be closely involved and give feedback on every iteration. Or you want to only see final versions that are ready to be implemented.

Once you have approved the look and feel, we will integrate it with computer vision and AI algorithms. This is the final step before Showtime!

Step 5: Showtime

Real-time Mixed Reality by OSAI: virtual production with data layer and analytics

It is the showtime, the most exciting part of the process. Your viewers have no idea what surprises you’ve prepared for them!

On the day of the event (in some cases 1–2 days before), we will ask you to install the camera and turn it on. This will allow us to calibrate our system and test every aspect of it. Now your broadcast is more than just live video, it’s an immersive experience with deep insights and branded dynamic elements that are always contextual. Your viewers are ecstatic!

However, the OSAI team doesn’t stop there! After the game, we will ask you for feedback and any ideas you might have for the improvements. As well as share our ideas and creative briefs for the next games. Whether you have another sponsor or want to incorporate Mixed Reality content into your social media, the OSAI team is here to make it happen.

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