How Snooker Live Streaming Changes The Game For Fans

How Snooker Live Streaming Changes The Game For Fans
Mixed Reality for snooker live streaming

Sports data analysis is ever-evolving, with advanced technology such as the mixed reality and data scouting facility offered by OSAI. Helping to both implement more sophisticated theories into training and practice routines for athletes, and push the viewing experience presented by media such as snooker live streaming forward. We’re glad to say that today it finally seems like sports broadcasters are finally starting to get their heads around all of the possibilities that snooker live streaming with mixed reality and data scouting can present to their audience. However, we intend to truly hammer that point home today in a special way - lets get started!

The relationship between analytics and sport

The word ‘analytics’ is generally associated with information technology, but the truth is that analytics revolves around data. Any data. To that end, from the data management perspective, sports data can be seen as a database. The details of which are collected from various sources, internal and external.

As a result analytics can also be used with sports statistics - which have been tracked in one way or another since long before snooker live streaming came along. These statistics and analytics might be applied to human actions and sports science, essentially to evaluate an athlete’s physical performance.

However, some disciplines use analytics to help them make strategic decisions too. Things like statistical comparisons, matchups, and game considerations are not only very interesting for snooker live streaming audiences to know about as part of the coverage they’re watching. They can also be very useful to coaching staff and commentators too.

This kind of sports analytics data can include points such as the following:

  • How many minutes is a player playing?
  • Historial data about how often has a team played and their form
  • Geographical data about ideal playing conditions

In addition to this, however, because in most cases the team behind the snooker live streaming broadcast will also have access to historical data about playing environments and tactics, means that they can also hypothesize as to the likelihood of certain events happening under a given set of circumstances - allowing them to determine what the "typical play" would be if a player finds themselves in a given position in a match.

Looking back at ‘the black ball final’

These days, many of us will be used to seeing a lot of sports statistics as part of a sports broadcast. And snooker live streaming is no different, but this hasn’t always been the case. To illustrate this point, let’s look back at an iconic moment in snooker history: The 1985 World Snooker Championship Final between Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis - known as ‘the black ball final’ as the match (and the championship) was decided on a re-spotted black after the players ended tied in frames won, and tied for the score in the final, deciding frame.

You’ll find plenty of videos on the match online - it’s one of those things where even non-snooker fans were watching, and snooker fans can tell you where they were and who they were with as they tuned in on the night. Look at that coverage from 1985 today though, and thanks to the march of time and technology, it does seem very basic - especially when you compare it with OSAI’s mixed reality offering for snooker live streaming.

Now, this match was engrossing - some 18.5 million people tuned in to watch the match in the U.K. alone, which finished not on Sunday night as planned, but at 12:23 a.m. on a Monday morning. However, we can’t help but wish that OSAI had been around in those days, to give the fans the extra statistical insights, visual overlays, and more that OSAI mixed reality for snooker live streaming offers to fans today. Being able to use our technology in one of the closest, most high-stakes games of snooker ever played - where each marginal statistical difference could make a HUGE difference - would only highlight just how that technology brings fans closer to the game they love than ever before.

Now, we don’t have a time machine, so we can’t do that - but we can come close by comparing back-to-back. First, why not take a look at some footage of the actual black ball final broadcast here, and then compare it with our snooker showreel here. Night and day, we think you’ll agree?

In Conclusion:

Sports analytics data allows coaches and broadcasters to better predict future outcomes in their chosen sports. More and more, however, they are becoming part of the fan experience too. OSAI mixed reality for snooker live streaming is simply the best way to bring the raft of available analytics data to a viewing audience in a way that’s easy to understand, and which strikes the right balance in order to ensure that those statistics complement the game being watched, rather than distract from it.

Learn more about OSAI’s mixed reality offering for snooker live streaming here, or contact us today to book a demonstration!