Real-time Mixed Reality for Snooker Streaming

Real-time Mixed Reality for Snooker Streaming
OSAI for Snooker Streaming

Snooker is on the rise. The number of avid snooker followers has gone up exponentially in recent years. And for a good reason! Snooker streaming is now more accessible and engaging than ever.

For a very long time, snooker was popular only in selected areas of the world. But today it has turned into a truly global sport with a huge following. So much so that it may soon be one of the national sports of India.

OSAI uses innovation as a driving force to promote snooker streaming. We recently covered one of the local snooker tournaments, where we demonstrated how AI & Computer vision can transform the viewing experience.

Snooker Streaming by OSAI: Set up

We strive to make OSAI an organic part of the live streaming experience. Starting with the setup and all the way to content distribution, OSAI integrates into existing processes to make snooker digital transformation smooth and easy.

OSAI has minimal setup requirements. All we need is a camera above the table and a computer. The camera records the game and sends the video feed to the computer. The system runs locally to minimize latency and ensure the Mixed Reality animations are real-time.

Smart algorithms on the computer analyze the video feed and extract the data after each frame. This data is then used for Mixed Reality visualizations, that can be added to any camera filming the game.

Snooker Streaming Update from OSAI

OSAI introduced new Mixed Reality animations for snooker streaming

We’ve designed a set of animations for the event. These included:

  • Game context - introduction of players, score and stats cards
  • Game events - points scored based on the color and order of the ball, speed and distance
  • Strategy insights - trajectory, the ball touches based on color, most likely trajectory based on the player position.

Snooker streaming is often limited by the number of cameras, due to the space and budget. OSAI demonstrated how the technology can enhance and diversify live content with Mixed Reality. Essentially doubling the number of video feeds! OSAI seamlessly transfers the animations between the cameras, making Mixed Reality insights available from any angle.

With more snooker streams in the pipeline, we continue to develop the technology further. OSAI is working on something revolutionary for snooker streaming. So stay tuned!

OSAI is an innovative technology company that developed a revolutionary technology that collects, analyzes, and visualizes data from the live video feed. OSAI's offer includes real-time Mixed Reality, AI data scout, and Sports Analytics.

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