OSAI update: real-time Mixed reality live streaming snooker, with seamless integration into existing camera setups

Snooker live streaming requires creative solutions. OSAI helps you enhance snooker live streaming setup with real-time Mixed Reality and seamless animation transfer between the camera feeds

OSAI update: real-time Mixed reality live streaming snooker, with seamless integration into existing camera setups
Snooker Live Streaming by OSAI Mixed Reality

Modern sports broadcasts deliver an unparalleled experience for viewers and allow them to discover the finer details of the sports they’re interested in. However, different sports require different streaming setups and have different sets of challenges for broadcasters to overcome. For example, with snooker being a more intellectual, slow-paced sport set in a smaller arena, live streaming snooker is challenging.   Your streaming and camera setup has to not only cover the action but also add dynamics and excitement. With tight schedules and orders of play to be respected, and just a few cameras available, live streaming snooker requires creative solutions to provide the best viewer experience.

Camera setups and positioning for live streaming snooker: An introduction

The standard set-up when live streaming snooker involves two cameras, with one camera at each end of the table. This allows a broadcaster to cover all of the action on the table, and follow the players and their response to an opponent’s strategy. Snooker is a very strategic game, and each shot might have several goals to achieve. It’s not all about putting a ball in a pocket, it’s also about providing opportunities to continue to score, preventing opportunities for the opponent to score, and more besides. This means there are plenty of subtle emotions, movements, and other ‘little details’ that a live stream is designed to emphasize.

How OSAI delivers a better viewing experience

When live streaming snooker, OSAI uses AI and Computer Vision to enhance the viewer’s experience in a number of ways, even with the minimal camera setup. For instance, OSAI adds real-time Mixed Reality to the live streaming feed. Mixed reality unlocks dynamic and contextual game explanations, which are particularly important in complex sports like snooker. It also creates a more immersive viewing experience,  making fans around the globe feel like they’re in the room with the players, watching in person. Mixed Reality by OSAI combines a wealth of data with immersive digital assets. The technology, along with the enhanced viewing experience it delivers, helps to increase both audience size and viewing duration too. Creative digital assets for sponsorship activations can also be provided, contributing to digital transformation in the sport of snooker.

How OSAI mixed reality technology works

OSAI technology requires a camera to be installed above the table when live streaming snooker with mixed reality. This way the AI and computer vision understand the various ball and player positions, letting them predict trajectories accurately and collect a full set of real-time data.

Snooker live stream view from camera above the table

Those who watch live streaming snooker will no doubt be familiar with this view, however, it doesn’t really communicate the essence of the game. In a traditional snooker broadcast, the above-the-table camera is only really used for highlights and certain other technical reasons.

However, OSAI real-time Mixed Reality really makes the most of this video feed. It not only allows us to add immersive & otherwise inaccessible insights (like ball speed, trajectory prediction and more) when we’re live streaming snooker, but it also lets us transfer animations between cameras - using the above-the-table camera for data collection and a camera at the top of the table for display.

OSAI transfers immersive animations during snooker live stream

The benefits for snooker fans

Thanks to this real-time mixed reality and animation transfer technology, OSAI is helping to take snooker live streaming to the next level. In addition, real-time Mixed Reality by OSAI is always contextual, so the information displayed will vary depending on the situation in-game, and the emotional considerations surrounding it too. This technology is completely automatic and highly versatile, which means it’s easy to integrate into your next snooker live stream.

Lastly, it’s important to mention that image transfer between cameras is available for all sports OSAI is involved in - we’re not limited to live streaming snooker, we can also cover table tennis, tennis, volleyball, and other sports in this manner - contact us today for more details!