How OSAI Tennis Live Streaming Makes a Positive Impact for Viewers and Players

How OSAI Tennis Live Streaming Makes a Positive Impact for Viewers and Players
Example of tennis live stream in Mixed Reality 

With the grip of the pandemic finally feeling like it’s starting to loosen, tennis fans can at long last look forward once again to a full calendar of events. One event that we’ll really have our eye on will be the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, held in the U.A.E. from the 21st to the 26th of February 2022.

The tournament will of course include extensive tennis live streaming, and that’s surely a plus point with fans as it will allow them to enjoy even more top-class tennis action.

The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships do a great job when it comes to making the sport of tennis available to fans all around the globe, with both long-form tennis live streaming of matches and short-form streaming highlights being available.

If you are looking at live streaming your next tennis event, the Dubai Duty Free Championships is a great example of how to do tennis live streaming right. What’s more, OSAI can assist you in making it happen and take your streams to the next level too. With OSAI, our tennis live streaming capabilities and features go way beyond simply making matches available to watch online. These capabilities can turn tennis live streaming into a truly immersive viewing experience,  - we’re going to show you why (and how) in this blog.

OSAI’s Tennis Live Streaming Activities, Features & Functionalities

The Dubai Tennis Championships’ inaugural tournament was held in 1993, so the idea of broadcasting such a tournament so people can watch the action has never been anything ‘new’ for the organizers in the U.A.E. Indeed, they’ve moved with the times, and today you can also watch the action via tennis live streaming - for example using However, those same organizers have noticed that their coverage doesn’t really do much to innovate, advance, or bring new features to tennis broadcasting. That’s not to say that it’s poor of course, it’s just ‘the same as all the other tennis broadcasts out there’.

A highlight from The Dubai Tennis Championships posted on Tennis TV twitter

As we saw recently with the Australian Open’s use of NFT’s, the sport of tennis is currently definitely open to innovation and new thinking. Right now, if you’re not trying to do something different or push the envelope of what’s possible, you could be seen to be falling behind. This is where OSAI comes in. The array of digital technologies and functionalities offered by OSAI can certainly take tennis live streaming to the next level, and enhance the viewing experience in many ways. In turn, making use of OSAI for your live streams should also let a tournament’s games stand out more prominently amongst other tennis broadcasts, and allow for a more immersive experience to be offered to fans.

OSAI’s Tennis Offering: An Introduction

Mixed Reality in tennis live streaming

The enhanced video features offered by OSAI aim to promote the sport of tennis in a number of ways. Perhaps the most obvious is the enhancement of a more standard tennis live streaming offering with visual elements and data points that can be enjoyed by viewers, and used to bring them closer to the action on screen - just as we’ve described above.

How does it work?

This is done with the help of AI and computer vision. That might seem pretty complicated, but we can assure you that in real terms, it really isn’t! All you really need is an OSAI-compatible camera for our AI to ‘watch’ using computer vision, and it can do the rest - tracking the movements of both players and the ball, calculating speeds and trajectories, identifying shot types (and even more) in real-time. The real-time data feed and animations can be transferred between the broadcast cameras, or used as a standalone solution. In fact, why not take a look at this demo to get a glimpse of OSAI in action, including raw data capture.

How can this data be used and presented in coverage?

We do want to stress that what you’re seeing in the showreel above is a ‘technical livestream’ - it’s effectively what OSAI ‘sees’ while it’s working, and isn’t intended to be seen by viewers. However, the raw data that you’re seeing captured there is of use to a tennis live streaming audience - that data is what provides the extra statistics and insights behind that enhanced viewing experience we talked about earlier.

The data captured by OSAI can be used with a wide range of graphical features and displays that can be overlaid on top of the regular video feed. This approach is known as ‘Mixed Reality’, and you can see some examples of those features and displays for yourself (as well as the enhanced viewing experience offered by OSAI technology) in this showreel - just as the tennis live streaming audience would see it at home, or on their mobile devices. Real-time Mixed Reality tennis live streaming doesn’t just provide your website with deep insights into the game they’re watching, that would be unavailable with other broadcasts - It’s also way more sharable, making your short-form content act as an audience acquisition engine.

Imagine, it’s the opening of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships. Defending champion Garbiñe Muguruza faces Katerina Siniakova. It’s a difficult match with elaborate defense & attack strategies on display. As Muguruza opens up her title defense with a tricky 7-6(5), 2-6, 6-2 first-round win, you can see key ball trajectory animations, speed insights, and predictions right on your screen. As the replay of the last set is shown, it also shows a 3D court that gives you a view from the players’ perspective, so you can see for yourself how the tactics unfold. It’s not just a tennis live stream. It’s a fully immersive experience that could take the audience right into the heart of the Dubai Duty Free Championships!

Other Applications for OSAI Technology in Tennis

We mentioned above that OSAI’s goal was to promote the sport of tennis in a number of ways, and indeed there are other ways that the information and insights OSAI offers can be used, beyond offering a mixed reality experience for tennis live streaming audiences.

Online Engagement and the On-Demand Lifestyle

For one, tennis live streaming caters perfectly to today’s ‘on demand’ lifestyle - and when you’re offering tennis live streaming with OSAI’s mixed reality technology on top, you’re ensuring that your viewing audience aren’t missing out on anything if they happen to tune in to a stream on the bus rather than the traditional TV broadcast at home.

If anything, you may even be making it easier for fans to engage with the sport and the players they love. Since people who are tuning in on a mobile device are likely to have their social media easily accessible on the same device, they can easily post about the match they’re watching as it happens (in between points, for example). And the easier something is to do, the more likely we humans are to take the trouble to do it.

Example of dynamic QR-codes in table tennis live stream

To expand on this, OSAI can even include dynamically generated QR codes that take your audience straight to the key moments of a tennis live stream. This way your viewers instantly have the most engaging content & freshest stats at their fingertips, ready to share.

Tennis Coaching and Opponent Scouting

Because it works with actual data from actual tennis action, OSAI technology can also be used by players and coaches to generate match analytics data, and glean valuable practical and statistical insights into how a given player plays the game. Thanks to ball and player position tracking and trajectory calculation, OSAI can show you things like where a given player likes to stand on the court under certain circumstances, where they like to place their shots, how often they play certain shots, how quickly they move, and plenty more besides.

There really is far too much information available for us to list everything here, but the key takeaway is that this data can really help a player identify the strengths and weaknesses in their own game (thereby informing them about potential areas of improvement), or the strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of an opponent. This knowledge can then be used to develop either more effective and personalized training regimens for given players or a more effective strategy and game plan ahead of a match with a specific opponent. And what’s more, because all of these insights are powered by actual data, you know that you’re always dealing with the actual facts of the matter, rather than ‘beliefs’ or ‘hunches’.

Betting applications

OSAI collects & analyses reliable data in real-time. As we’ve already mentioned, the technology calculates and understands precise player positions, ball trajectory, shot types, and more. This information is particularly important for betting companies - who all work with very similar datasets, but currently use human scouts to generate their data. With human scouts can come human error, but OSAI eliminates this possibility - collecting & analyzing reliable data in real-time. Finally, OSAI also unlocks new marketing opportunities with its real-time approach and expanded data set.

Want to see for yourself how OSAI can improve your tennis live streaming, playing, coaching, or bookmaking? Click here to get in touch with our team and set up a demonstration presentation today!