Happy World Table Tennis Day!

Happy World Table Tennis Day!
Table Tennis AI by OSAI

Table tennis is the 8th most popular sport on the planet and its popularity is growing, following its integration into schools, social clubs, and sports centers. It is estimated that 300+ million people worldwide play table tennis!

Despite its huge popularity, table tennis only recently got its special day. World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) was first celebrated in 2015. And since then every year on the 6th of April the entire global community comes together to play & celebrate the sport!

OSAI developed table tennis AI that enhances the viewing experience, visualizes insights, and unlocks new engagement models. OSAI brings together fans, grassroots & professional players, coaches, clubs, and tournaments. And helps to create an ecosystem where everyone who loves table tennis can get exactly what they are looking for.

Table tennis is often thought of as predominantly grassroots.  Recently this has been shifting, as the majority of table tennis tournaments of all levels opt-in for table tennis live streaming and broadcasting. And with AI-powered technology by OSAI, watching table tennis live is engaging & exciting even for first-time viewers.

Table Tennis AI that gives viewers context

Table tennis is a fast-paced complex sport. But with the busy lifestyles, buzzing phones, and social viewing, your audience may get distracted every now and then. This makes context crucial. Your table tennis live stream is estimated to drive viewing duration up to 30% if it includes more context on the players and recent game events.

OSAI uses AI and Computer Vision to digitize table tennis: collect and visualize data an every game event. With OSAI real-time Mixed reality, the table tennis live stream turns into an immersive and engaging experience. OSAI highlights recent game events and provides viewers with context. So if you lost track of the game, OSAI brings you up-to-speed in just one glimpse.

OSAI example: Providing context on the winner

Table Tennis rules explained

One of the key aspects of getting into the sport is understanding the rules of the game. With so many intricacies and complexities of table tennis, most fan engagement models look for fans at a young age. As sports compete with wider entertainment; and as fan behavior changes rapidly. It is worth accounting for fan acquisition of different ages.

By visualizing key game insights and bringing immersive & interactive animations into table tennis live streaming, OSAI helps to explain the rules to the audience and keep them engaged.

Insights only available with OSAI

One of the key value propositions of OSAI is that it works in real-time. Table tennis AI that understands and visualizes deep insights that are otherwise not available, like the speed of the ball, zones occupied, walked distance, and more.

Table tennis viewers, especially those who play the sport as well, are interested in the analytically part of the fan experience. Similar to football, where fans want to know what shoes a footballer wears and how accurate are his penalties. In table tennis fans also want to get extra insights to fill closer to the professional sport.

OSAI uses AI and real-time Mixed Reality to collect and visualize game insights, bringing immersive fan experience to life.  

Bridging fan engagement & sponsorship

A very important aspect of every sport is a commercial model. This is one of the pillars of further growth of the sport. Table tennis is growing in popularity not only among the players, but also among sponsors. Quite understandably, as table tennis stands out with massive, engaged young audiences, who not only watch but also play the sport.

As advertising became ubiquitous, fans have developed banner blindness. This is a common term in marketing, which means that people simply don’t notice advertising anymore. Hence sponsors are looking for innovative digital assets that will allow them to capture the audience’s attention in new ways. Stepping outside of simply putting logos on everything in the video frame.

OSAI with real-time Mixed Reality unlocks multiple digital assets for targeted, localized, and contextual sponsorship activations. The table tennis AI transforms the tournament arena, table, and, even, players into new ways to interact with the audience. By connecting brand messages with game events, OSAI also connects sponsors with the emotional context of the fans. This further helps to build long-term loyalty.

OSAI is a versatile technology. We connect the data layer of sport with fan engagement and sponsorship. Get in touch with us today to learn more!